Commercial Ro Plants


2. DUAL MEDIA FILTER: Dual media is designed to remove Suspended Matter and Guard against the ingress of Foreign Material to Downstream process. The pressure vessel contains two forms of filter medium. Top layer of anthracite, graded sand media and pebbles This bi-layer removes large suspended particulate matter and with the oxidized media and fine sand, the particle size is brought down.

3. FINE FILTRATION: Cartridge filter is provided to remove suspended matter and guard against the entry of foreign material into the final treatment.

4. HIGH PRESSURE PUMP: To overcome the Natural Osmotic Pressure a reverse thrust of high pressure is required to separate the Ions from water. Depending upon the projection, an initial feed pressure is determined. A Vertical Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump is used for this application.

5. REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEM:Production of low dissolved solids content by reverse osmosis using state of the art TFC Membranes. The high dissolved are separated into two streams. Product stream with 2-3% of the feed salt will be collected. The second stream ( Reject stream ) of 97-98% more concentrated salt will be collected. Based on the feed conditions and controlling parameters a recovery ratio can be worked out from 60-75%

6. MEMBRANES: Membranes form the barrier for the ionic separation. This separates the water into two streams. A product stream with ionic impurities and a reject stream with high ionic impurities. The ratio of two streams depends upon the design and can be anywhere between 0.3 - 0.7. The membranes are sensitive to various types of fouling and scaling factors. Hence a proper pre-treatment is necessary. Polyamide thin composite membranes are used and is currently imported items.

7. RO SKID: The skid supports the reverse osmosis pressure vessel, membrane, control panel, pressure gauges and ect., The skid mounted design helps in assembling of components at the shop floor easier and much faster. An isometric AutoCAD design is developed for SKID Fabrication for better space utilization and plant aesthetics.

8. INSTRUMENTATION: To check the quality and monitor continuously, Online Conductivity Meter will be provided at the RO permeate water.

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