Mini Hydrofogger

A uniquely designed Mini Hydrofoggers by our team of Engineers which can used for any applications, comes with 4 way out put to 16 way output , can be covered an Area upto 2000 Sq.ft. Also can be designed to suit your requirements.

Thermal Dynamics

Under this principle , microscopic water particles, about one-tenth the width of human hair, are sprayed into the atmosphere. This is done by High- Pressure release of compressed water through a tiny orifice. These water droplets quickly evaporate.

Odor control

Fragrance chemicals is diluted in water and sprayed to odor-producing chemicals in the air. It combines with the chemicals to make them safe and odorless and then pulls them down to the ground.

The pleasant fragrance masks the unpleasant one.

Industrial odors are a major environmental problem. They can create an unpleasant working environment, which is obviously of concern to those who are required to work there. Of great concern also is the affect such odors may have on residents who live near industrial premises.

More importantly, long-term exposure to industrial odors is a passive form of pollution. There is the prospect of long-term damage to health, with the environmental and legal issues which that would raise.

Spraying fragrance is an effective and low-cost method of odor control, even in difficult situations such as industrial premises and sewerage works. In fact the product is so effective that if it is used properly, the smell is entirely eradicated by the time it reaches the outer limits of the area sprayed.

Insect control

Just by adding pesticides and insecticides in the water which is for misting and fogging , when this water is sprayed in the atmosphere this gives irritation and discomfort for the insects which move out from the area. If strong pesticides are used even these can be killed but precautionary measures should be taken so that people do not move during strong doses. By this Malaria, Dengue, yellow fever, Chickengunya can be controlled a lot.


Can be used in open places where people gather, Big lawns, Gardens , outside homes etc. Eradicate the diseases by adding water sparks Hydrofogger.


Mistscaping is a unique and exciting way to add fog to standard water features and garden areas. Mistscaping allows for the subtle and mystical introduction of fog effects into any outdoor application. Using specially designed pumps, any standard landscaping project can be transformed into a cooling, tropical experience.

Transforms any landscape project into a dramatic tropical scene.

Provides residual cooling throughout the project area.

Allows for creative implementation of the fog cooling effect.

Provides the added value and unique feature separating your landscaping from all others.

Transform your surrounding with water sparks Hydrofogger.

Cold storage

Researches indicate that a controlled chilling procedure must be followed I order to affect a controlled preservation. However, it's a fact that chilling resultsin decreased weight of products due to loss of moisture.

Since the air circulated through the cold storage room's evaporator chills down while passing through the cooling coil fins, it leaves its humidity content therby causing deposit at snow on the evaporator ina very short time. Only method to preclude this process which turn causes the product to loose moisture(i.e weight), in to re-humidify the room in a controlled fashion

Moreover, its very important to humidify the cold storage rooms from the beginning of harvest season when cold storage rooms are not qir conditioned to proper temperatures yet (i.e. their temperature is still positive degree Celsius) and there are a lot of admissions and shipments till the cold storage rooms are fully conditioned to the proper temperatures when they are full. In case humidity of the cold storage rooms are not kept at the desired levels during this period, the ambient humidity shall be compensated from the moisture emanated from the products, which in turn shall result in serious weight loss in the products.

In order to avoid all foregoing problems resulting from lack of humidity, it's crucial to affect a controlled humidification. At this point fogging is engaged for humidification. Treated clear water is fed into this system is sprayed via special nozzles under high pressure to the environment in form of very tiny droplets. In this fashion, desired 90-90% humidity in the room is ensured

After the environment is conditioned to the desired parameters, need for humidity decreases due to controlled ambient temperature. In this phase, system is operated at the low levels to meet such decreased need for humidity.

Especially in multi-room large cold storages, humidification systems are connected to an automation system to have them operate independently in accordance with each room's need for humidity thereby ensuring a humidity control in an economic fashion

Animal / Pet cooling

By nature God has created all living beings according to the environment in the sense for living beings which live in cold places Hair / fur is more allover the body to protect itself from cold and they are basically designed to live in cold places but man has disturbed nature and bought the animals like cats, dogs, Horses, livestock etc to places where these animals cannot with stand the tropical heat. There is a saying ( What is the difference between man and god - God loves to see all living beings to set it free but man loves it by keeping it in cage) Ok! Lets at least give them the natural climate which they prefer to be, that can be achieved by misting which is very economical. Cooling by fogging is the only application which can be erected in outdoor which adds the main comfort.

Keeping your horse or livestock cool and comfortable during the summer is absolutely vital. When high ambient temperatures and humidity combine, body heat may accumulate faster than your horse can get rid of it. The fact is, horses are better at keeping themselves warm than cooling themselves off.

A 4-nozzle, portable kit designed to efficiently and inexpensively cool dog runs, kennels, hutches and other pet areas.

Commercial cooling

Fogging can also be done in supermarkets, Flowers/Fruits/ vegetables vending outlets.

Supermarkets where the fruits and vegetables kept in the entrance. At supermarkets, produce usually is displayed in open cases that allow periodic misting to help keep foods both fresh and cool.

Supermarkets utilize produce misting to increase the shelf life of produce (lettuce, broccoli and other green vegetables) and to maintain and enhance visual freshness. It is also used in butchers meat cases to increase the shelf life of meat and prevent shrinkage due tomoisture loss

Produce misting:

Doubles the shelf life of produce.

Cuts produce waste by 50 percent.

Stops produce weight loss.

Helps produce retain greater vitamin content.

Improves the fresh look (which drives sales).

And provides a fast return on inVestment.

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