Tank filter

Are we using this effectively and efficiently ?

Do you know more than your shampoos, water plays vital role in keeping your hair beautiful and strong.

Do you know more than your detergents water decides your clothes to look new or old.

Do you know bad water can quickly spoil your bathroom (Faucets, Toilets, basins etc ) Accessories.

Benefits of Tank Filter :

- Removes Sediment Impurities up to 50 Microns.

- By Adding Micron Filters , Filtration level can be increased up to 5 Microns (Optional)

- Makes Water Crystal Clear and gives comfort in bathing , washing of clothes etc and keeps you in hygiene too.

- No More cleaning of overhead tanks. Makes Overhead tanks Maintenance free.

- If Water is Hard, Softener can be added (Optional) , If Iron in water Iron Removal Plant can be added (Optional).

- Reduces hair loss and problems of dry and craggy hair.

- Soaps and Shampoos lather more and you feel fresh leaving your skin glow pink.

- Keeps your bathroom, Washbasins, Faucets etc free from scaling and colour formation.

- Keeps your clothes look new.

- Increase life and Efficiency of your Water Heaters, Washing Machines, Showers etc.

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Water Life Economy

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Water Life

The top international Brand leader in Home Reverse Osmosis systems , the true inventors of RO systems.

Water Life - Economy
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Whirlpool RO

Purafresh RO Range ... In addition to its existing product range, Whirlpool now comes up with new addition ... 2006 Whirlpool of India Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Zero B

Zero-B RO

Zero B, Range. Pristine & Ultimate RO, Table top reverse osmosis purifier. Ultimate RO, Under-the-counter reverse osmosis purifier ...

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To place an order

Phone: 044-42156222

Mobile: + 91-98843 66644

Mail: sales@venuscreatechsolutions.com

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